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Jun. 9th, 2016 11:32 pm
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If you have a Night Role please say what you're choosing to do below! Please give your team in the header & your action in the comment.


Jun. 9th, 2016 11:30 pm
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If you have a Day Role please say what you're choosing to do below! Please give your team in the header & your action in the comment.
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[Once more, you find yourself entering a flying city illuminated by the night sky. This time there aren't as many shooting stars to greet you and in a strange attraction orange lanterns dot here and there. They increase the shadows of the buildings and with it they loom and wiggle just so in the light. Somehow, even if you've seen this place a dozen times, it's somehow spooky.

Rowena stands in the center of the platform again holding a mask to her face. She lets out a loud "Boo!" before pulling it away to laugh some. The mask goes by her side as she tilts to both sides before speaking.]

We--we're going to play an actual game today! It'll be fun, I promise! And maybe a little spooky...

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Active Superlatives:
Please list here who you think should win with all relevant links!
Choice Superlatives:
Please list who you think should win for any of the listed superlatives otherwise! Please include a 1-2 sentence blurb as to why, but it can be longer.
Nominated Superlatives:
This is where you list any superlatives you want to give ANYONE. Remember, these are not scoreable. So in this case if you want to nominate Vash as Mr. Broomhead or Swept off Feet fifty times this is your chance.
Did you learn anything about yourselves?:
Why did you participate? Why didn't you?:
Last Minute Comments!:
Links: Any extra links you may think relevant?

**Note Please note, for extra measure if you want to embarrass/be more honest than usual these papers can compel characters to write the truth as you wish. So if they hugged 10 people, but agreed to hug person Y but have a crush on X and enjoyed their hug more go for it

Name: Farkle Minkus
Active Superlatives:
Best Kisser: Winner Isadora Smackle | (link 1 Lucas), (link 2 Riley), (link 3 Missy Bradford), (link 4 Smackle), (link 5 Riley)
Choice Superlatives:
Most likely to quietly take over the world... Smackle. Except she wouldn't be that quiet.
The one you'd most like on your side in a fight... Lucas. Definitely Lucas. He's my by best friend and he's always been there.


Aug. 9th, 2015 09:17 am
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Has your idea on strength changed?:
What about your personal strength?:
Did you learn something you didn't expect to? If so, what?:
Is there any new goals you would like to accomplish?:
What, if anything, have you gained from your true heart?:
Leave behind something you want to say to one person: (Completely Optional question. Can also be filled out multiple times, if you want to.)
Any last words?: Particularly for anyone who forgoes doing anything else, even showing their true heart! This is a place to explain why, if you'd like.
Tasks: What tasks did you complete? If any!
Links: Provide as many or as a few as you want! More links does not mean a definite win, as this game is based on personal growth/learning! Please try to arrange any links in order of IC significance.

Please note, all of this turn-in (aside from the tasks/links section) is optional. However, this is also where the main scoring criteria is!

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What do you consider is true strength?:
What do you believe your strength is?
Please describe a crabbigator:

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Name: Rowena
Age: 14
Build: 4'11", 98lbs
Species: Deviant
Powers: ...She turns into a bird.

World: Rowena is from a world where humans are divided between two subspecies known as "mystic" and "deviant". Mystics are humans who are able to use magical powers such as telepathy, invisibility, and flight. Deviants are humans who transform into animals and can use the senses their counterparts. No matter who you are, mystic or deviant, you only have the one base ability. There are also humans who are not Mystic or Deviant, but they are neither a normality or an abnormality. There's a fairly set number of each and they mostly live in harmony.

There are only four "countries" known as Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind respectfully. They're only countries in the terms that they're the areas most associated with each element. Earth is located in rainforests and mountains, living high up in treetops. Water is a city literally built on water via connecting bridges. Wind is small villages floating in the sky. Fire, oh fire, is a large village that lives at the top of a volcano.

Notably, each of these countries are rather small! However, usually, if you're born there you stay there for life. This is because each area is considered elemental and those born there are ones best suited to fit the environment. This is both in terms of personality and durability. You'll never find a person born at Water unable to swim or one at Fire afraid of getting burned. Those born in air are usually pacifists who love to have fun and Earth are solid, sturdy folks.

...Or usually you don't, anyway.

There are rare occasions where people are born outside of their element. And to allot for this when then the children of each year are given a big ceremony. In part it's to celebrate the occasion, as by then their magics have been found, but they're also allowed to move to a different country if they wish to. Except, this isn't really an option. Regardless of their decision, if a child does not fit they're shuffled off to whatever country the people thing they should be in.

And if there's none?

Well, there's a country known as Void that those ones get sent to...

Rowena was born in the underwater nursery of Water on one early spring day. From the very beginning she was hardly the normal water child. Instead of calm and observant, she cried and fussed at all hours of the day. Her parents would joke that she was always afraid and wanting to be held as a baby and perhaps that's true. As she grew older that hardly changed. She never wanted to run across the bridges with her friends, always afraid of tripping and falling in despite being a very good swimmer. When the others were off jumping into the ocean she was playing with the seagulls.

It wasn't that she was a bad water-- She could swim with the best of them, enjoyed playing with the sea-critters, and could breathe underwater better than her classmates. She just enjoyed watching the birds take flight and hopping with the babies as they tried their first time. At least this oddity would make itself known for the first time when she turned nine and in all of her excitement as she flapped down the bridge turned into a seagull herself.

For her parents and the village council that explained a lot. It set their minds somewhat at ease, but they always kept a careful eye on her. She never got better at her Water studies and spent more time in the air with birds then she did in the water. By the time she was ten she'd already flown up high enough to meet the village of Wind. Then, some weeks later, she turned left and headed to Earth. She visited Fire, too.

Always, she had to come back and pretend she hadn't gone anywhere. It was forbidden, you see, to have friends in the other countries. Rowena did, however, and slowly, slowly she spent more of her days visiting them then going to classes. Unfortunately, this did not go unnoticed.

On the day of the eleventh ceremony the predictable happened, Rowena was suggested a permanent placement in Wind Country. And, despite all of her joys in playing around with her friends, somehow it never crossed her mind that she would she leave Water. She was born here and her family was here-- even in all of her adventures, it's where she wanted to be. So, of course she said she'd like to say.

The council smiled kindly at her and moved onto the next child. A perfect water, they said, and her heart sank. That night when the ceremony was over her family went to return to their small cottage when they noticed one of the councilmen there. The kind smile was there, but so was a bag. Rowena stumbled a bit at the sight and turned to her parents-- both had grim, knowing expressions. This would be her last night in Water.

Changing to Wind was a difficult adjustment. For all intents and purposes, Rowena was considered orphaned and sent to live in one of the dormitories. The dormitories were rarely used, but this year there were three other inhabitants. Incidentally, it was the other girl and a boy she knew from both Fire and Earth. In some ways this made their adjustment easier as they all banded together against the natural-born Winds.



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